APPEAL OF MINISTER’S DECISION EXTENSION: Harbour Breton Fish Meal Plant (Reg.1874)

Write Paul Carter (pcarter@gov.nl.ca) and let the Minister know you support the points made in the appeal of Reg 1874 and want a proper Environmental Assessment that protects us and our wild resources. Rendering sick fish needs to be done right! APPEAL OF MINISTER’S DECISION EXTENSION: Harbour Breton Fish Meal Plant (Reg.1874) Proponent: Barry Group […]

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Float the fly – sink the leader

From our 1979 SPAWNER magazine by Peter Daniels… “.. the simplest method of sinking a leader, without attaching a lead shot is to stretch the leader taut, wet it and rub it down with common laundry soap. Wet it again and it will sink immediately upon touching the water. A sinking leader is also essential […]

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Late returns?

Are you experiencing late returns of Atlantic Salmon in your area? If so, we would like to hear from you. Contact us with details of what is going on.

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Researchers discover size gene for salmon


The size of returning Atlantic salmon is largely dependent on the number of years that the salmon remains at sea before returning to spawn in the river. The genetic basis of this trait has not been previously known, making the management of the impact of fishing difficult. In many Atlantic salmon populations, the sea-age at […]

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Newfoundland and Labrador ​Coalition for Aquaculture Reform


Newfoundland and Labrador ​Coalition for Aquaculture Reform Coalition for Aquaculture Reform (NL-CAR) has formed to give a stronger, unified voice to concerns about the environmental and social impacts of marine net pen salmon farms. The coalition is open to members primarily from NL, but will also welcome and support interested groups and individuals from elsewhere. […]

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2017 Auction

The annual SPAWN auction is set to go ahead at Marble Mountain Lodge, Steady Brook NL on May 13th. $5 cover. Up for auction is a six day trip on Flowers River, Labrador, for 2 rods. It includes Air transportation from Goose Bay to the Flowers River Lodge and return, accommodations, meals, a guide and […]

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R.I.P. Parks and Wildlife Divisions


Recent provincial government restructuring included the destruction of Parks and Natural Areas Division and the dismantling of Wildlife Division. http://theindependent.ca/2017/03/02/r-i-p-parks-and-wildlife-divisions/

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Evaluation of Habitat Expansion Outcomes on Upper Terra Nova River, 2016

In 2016 FABEC was again successful in obtaining assistance to monitor fishway performance and salmon returns at Mollyguajeck Falls on Terra Nova River, following up on a similar project in 2015. Terra Nova 2016

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1979, 1980, 1982, 1988 digital SPAWNERS for sale

We added a couple more out of print & hard to find SPAWNERS for $5 a download. These are collectors editions and have some great photos, flies and stories from days gone by. Store

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Outrage over secret plans to base world’s biggest salmon farm in Scotland

The global headlines for the open net pen method scream one thing. DO NOT INVEST. “The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has been privately considering proposals for a 6,000-8,000 tonne caged fish farm that its own expert says would be “utterly unsustainable”, threaten Sepa’s credibility, and profit the fish farm industry to the tune of […]

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We have a .pdf electronic version of the 2016 SPAWNER for $5, instant download. Find it in our store.

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Number of Serious Fish-Related Offences Significantly Increase in 2016

While the overall number of fish-related violations in 2016 was comparable to 2015, there was a significant increase in the more serious offences. Particularly concerning for the province’s Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division is the dramatic increase in the types of offences which have the most detrimental impact on salmon populations. This summer, one file […]

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SPAWN responds to a Placentia Bay Aquaculture letter.

 Our president John McCarthy responded earlier this summer to a pro aquaculture letter that was published in the Evening Telegram . ————– I write in response to a letter written by Leon Fiander from Marystown. Our group (SPAWN) has met with; Minister Perry Trimper and Provincial officials; Mark Lane and officials of the Aquaculture Industry […]

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