foundedOur organization was formed in 1979 when anglers recognized a decline in returning salmon. After years of enjoying superlative fishing, something seemed to be amiss. We weren’t seeing near as many Atlantic salmon – data from counting sites confirmed this.

So, a small core of people, including our former magazine editor, Ches Loughlin, decided to form a salmon conservation group. The response was that hundreds of anglers paid five bucks to help get SPAWN -“The Salmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland” started.

We are a member of the Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador and we are an affiliate of ASF, The Atlantic Salmon Federation. By working together we, effectively, have thousands of people getting out the message that “ We Care” about our environment and the creatures that make it home.

We have worked with Government to help improve the migrating numbers of salmon. We were responsible for recommending implementation of barbless hooks to reduce damage to juvenile and adult salmon. We support catch and release as a management tool. We lobby for improved and increased enforcement, because we know that poaching is a major factor in stock reduction. For years we have hired university students and entered into contracts to employ personnel on assessment facilities.

Our board consists of 14 members elected at an annual general meeting and the executive is:

John McCarthy – President

John Cammie – Treasurer

Mike Rumbolt– Secretary



SPAWNER Magazine editor was Keith Piercey. Graphics and layout wass done by Brenda Andrews of Image 4. We trust you’ll find our website helpful and we’ll steadily improve on it as time goes by.

Have a great summer with plenty of tight lines.….