Hot off the presses of the international Journal Of Aquaculture Environment Interactions comes a study that analyzed nearly 30 years of data to show that salmon farm open net pen amplified sea lice cause a dramatic decline in nearby wild salmon numbers. The science on this is now overwhelming (100s of peer reviewed papers). It is no secret that sea lice transmit many deadly finfish pathogens that are amplified in our open net pen in NL such as IPNv, ISAv, etc etc. Given that the entire southern Newfoundland salmon stock of 4U is federally S.A.R.A listed as “threatened” how can government sanction the expansion of yet more open net pens?!

Our south coast herring stocks are now collapsing and infected with a deadly aquaculture virus (3L recently shut down to purse seining), local lobster harvesters are complaining about lobster grounds not producing near the pens, DFO lists open net pens as a threat to the wild trout and salmon stocks in their SARA assessment….how is this governing using “science based decisions”?

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