SPAWN responds to a Placentia Bay Aquaculture letter.

 Our president John McCarthy responded earlier this summer to a pro aquaculture letter that was published in the Evening Telegram . ————– I write in response to a letter written by Leon Fiander from Marystown. Our group (SPAWN) has met with; Minister Perry Trimper and Provincial officials; Mark Lane and officials of the Aquaculture Industry […]

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Placentia Bay Ice Conditions

The proposed Placentia bay aquaculture project is suppose to use netting and gear that is ice proof, however the designer of the equipment says it’s never been tested for our ice conditions. Here is what a long time resident of Placentia Bay has to say about ice. As we have proof now that farmed fish […]

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Aquaculture’s real revolution is on land

The same kind of enthusiasm and optimism expressed in a recent commentary by the executive director of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association for the promise of industrial aquaculture to feed the hungry of the world was heard decades earlier during the Green Revolution in agriculture.   Prompted by a series of famines in the 1940s […]

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“I’ll have a lb of salmon and hold-the-lice-please!”

SPAWN asked the question – “How many sea-lice can kill a salmon smolt?”….The answers are scary!!!! A study in Norway (in a lab) found 7 to be fatal almost immediately. No studies have been done that I know of in the wild but obviously it would be far far less even if it took some […]

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One year anniversary for Kuterra land based Atlantic Salmon aquaculture

Late in 2014 we posted an interview by CBC Fisheries Broadcast on the Kuterra aquaculture project based in B.C. (see below) CBC has followed up with Kuterra on their one year anniversary. Listen!

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An opinion piece and letter to the Telegram editor

Two very interesting articles from the Evening Telegram in St. John’s. Save our Salmon – Paul Smith Straight Talk on Salmon – ASF NL Rep Don Ivany

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ASF Joint Press Release

Attached for your information is a joint press release issued by ASF and several other NGO’s responding to the recently released report by Canada’s Standing Committee on the subject of closed containment aquaculture. << Read More >>

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