2019 River Reports

2019 NL River Reports

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Oct 7th

Was fishing Bonia’s today and saw a seal 🙁 
Safely and humanely “chased” him down river. Lost track of him at Humber village bridge. Not good for the spawning fish. 
Also released a monster the other day.  Biggest fish I ever caught. Beautiful female, she busted through the net on first attempt. Had to net her holding the hole. Really good shape and have a great slow motion video of her resting then swimming away. 

July 18th

Had a delightful fishing experience from July 10-17/19 upon visiting Southwest Brook (Louie’s) and Harry’s River (Upper and Lower Force, Black Duck Run, Ledges). Brothers and I averaged 1-2 hooked fish per day each, saw more fish just not taking, and found the water levels to be perfect and cold on the legs. Initial cold mornings/weather evolved into high teen warmer days.

We saw big fish, especially at the Ledges, and rarely experienced rises ( sudden and savage attacks on the fly were the norm ) or movements to the fly. The fish appeared disinterested, for the most part, but when active they buried the fly firm. We had success with a White Winged Blue Charm, a White Winged Thunder and Lightning, a Silver Gray, a White Winged/White Bodied Fly, and Green Flies. There were numerous parr released during our fishing.

The fish were lively, multiple jumps added to the fun, and we tagged out early. We saw very few fisherman. A trio of Wardens introduced themselves to us at Harry’s.

On July 16/19 at the Lower Force we observed a very dark ‘trout’ close to shore seeming to be in the 7-10 pound range. Our first impression was one of a German Brown ( I wasn’t aware that Harry’s had such a population ). It stayed close to the bottom, had no anterior pectoral fin white stripe, was not silver-bodied, it’s tail did not appear forked, and its sides appeared to have yellowish spots.

Overall, our fishing experience was extremely positive compared to previous years, both in fish seen and in our banter as 3 Brothers. SO


July 9th

Fished Southwest, Fischells, Crabbes and Grand Codroy in the afternoon. Only seen 2 other anglers. Water temp 12 and reasonable levels. Nothing hooked or seen jumping. CM


July 8th

Travelled from St. Anthony to Lomond. All rivers about the same height as few days before. Fished Wing pool on the Torrent, one fish hooked by another angler and lost after a short battle. Nothing else hooked, only seen a few fish jumping.

Counted 21 anglers below the falls on Lomond. Heard of 3 fish hooked in the past 24 hrs. Lots in Murphy’s pool below the falls. Bring your own rock!

Nobody fishing at Castors.

A few fishing Big East below bridge.

Water temp 12. CM


July 6th

Fished two rivers flowing into Pistolet Bay, Northern Peninsula. Both reading 10 degree water and only small trout hooked. Local says Upper Brook has a good population of salmon. Water is high. CM

Initials: DP
River: Upper Humber (Little Falls)
Water level: Very High
Water temp: 9C
Fishing pressure: No one else
July 5th. It was very difficult to get up to Cabin Pool. I had to walk in chest high water for parts of the way up. Managed to get out to the main pool (in one spot) but water was up to my chest, where normally the water is ankle deep. I saw a lot of fish going thru but they were everywhere. It was like fishing in a lake. Still managed to rise three and strike one, but the uncomfortable high water and cold legs drove me in after about 2 hours.Water really needs to drop another 18″ to be sensible at all. 



July 5th

Drove from Steady Brook to St. Anthony today

Lower Humber: High but dropping. 1 fishing powerhouse @ Deer Lake.

Deer Arm Brook: Water seems a bit high, 3 fishing below the counter

Portland Creek: High, 1 fishing right at the mouth

River of Ponds: Really really high! No one fishing

Torrent: Seems a bit high. A couple fishing above and below the highway bridge

Big East: 4 anglers below the highway bridge. Coming and going, one 5 pound trout kept, few fish jumpingm water low. Local says they are old fish that have been fished over and hooked already – theory is that they will stay in the pool below the bridge for the summer. Nothing seen jumping at the falls.

Castors: Seems reasonable water level. About 8 trucks and 10 anglers seen cruising by at 110 km/hr.

St. Genevieve: Nobody seen but water seems a bit high.

Other small rivers along the way aren’t lacking water. CM


July 4th

Bridge pool at Dhoon Lodge and home pool both on Harry’s fished today. Water temp 13. Little fishing pressure, 2 fish hooked at home pool before our arrival. Water seems high as it rained for the past 4 days. Cold, wore a couple of layers. CM


July 2nd

Reports of fish being hooked at Big Falls Upper Humber

Lower Humber is very high. No beach to be seen at quarry pool and water levels are over the bank, about 3 feet higher than normal for this time of year. No fisherman seen out today. CM


July 1st – Happy Canada Day

Drove from Port-Aux-Basques to Corner Brook this morning. 3 fisherman @ overfalls Grand Codroy, 1 Middle Barachois, a few more below TCH on Southwest. River levels seem to be a bit high but not too bad. CM


June 23rd

River: Exploits
Water level: High
Water temp: cold
Fishing pressure: moderate
Fish seen? Hooked? 3 Hooked, one in the 10 lb range. KR

Bay St. George rivers: Water temp 9-12 C,
water levels high- alder level, not really
good fishing conditions.
Big Falls: Dangerous water levels. Boats not out. JMc


June 17th

Still no fish @ Big Falls


June 15th

One of board members who has been at Big Falls for the past few days reports no fish yet, water is high.

If interested, you can find our June reports from 2007 by clicking the link below. It’s interesting to see how conditions change year to year. 

June 2007 reports


June 9th

From SG – I fished Southwest book at the mouth, Gary’s and Seal Pool on the 7th. I performed my first no touch release! Word from one other angler that a fish was released in addition to mine. Water level high and cold. Still snow in them there hills!


June 5th

From KP- Fished  a couple of places in Bay St. George today….White Cliff Pool at Robinson’s and Below the TCH bridge at Fischells.

Water levels up, but not crazy. Also stopped at SW Brook for a look-see at the mouth. One angler there…No sign of fish and very few people at their trailers.

CM and I also did a drive-by at Robinsons community. No one fishing the pools below the Community bridge and only one angler seen above the TCH bridge.

Even though there was no fish seen we did see some geese and a young moose, that Momma sent packing, near the Barachois Pond Park entrance.


Below- White Cliff Pool, Robinson’s River. High water…The day started out with a bit of rain, then it got sunny with a few clouds for the rest of the day.



This a view of Fischells at the mouth of Fischells River

I recall visiting the place before the salmon moratorium and saw fish boxes full of 10-14 lb salmon in a holding shed.  At that time fishermen could net near the mouths of rivers.

That likely contributed to the decline in salmon we see today.  It wasn’t only then that netting was taking mega-salmon out of the waters. It goes way back to the late 1700s.  There’s an article in a previous SPAWNER magazine about this.

I’ll dig it out and post the reference here.

Don Hutchens wonderful book – Rivers of Dreams – is an amazing source of information on this.


June 4th

Middle Barachois Water high but fishable Water temp 10 C. Never saw fish Low fishing pressure 

BSG rivers
High water, larger rivers not fishable, smaller ones are.
Water temp from 8 C to 12.5 C
Scattered fish, scattered anglers.
Full moon on June 15.
Rivers trending down but rainy week forecasted.
Tight lines


June 3rd

Fished SouthWest June 1. Water temp 12.5 C Water level, high but fishable. Scattered fish.

June 3 Water temp 8 C Crabbes Water level , not really fishable. Saw one fish two days. JMc


May 31st

RH submitted: Here is a picture of Southwell’s Pool Middle Brook. Near perfect conditions 16 hours before the 2019 Salmon Angling season.


May 28th

Bay St. George rivers are quite high as reported by KP. CM had a friend who flew to the mainland two days ago, reported lots of snow still in the hills. It’s been a cold spring. Will this delay the runs? CM


Thanks to everyone who sends us a report and shares their experience!