June 2007 reports

June 30

Just returned from 6 days fishing the Bay St. George South rivers. Water levels are a bit low and, like everywhere, the fish are later than usual. Ten fish hooked between the two of us; Crabbes (1), North Branch (3) and Robinsons(6) BD

June 27th fished Indian River at Springdale for an hour. Did not see a fish although local anglers said a fish had been caught that morning and another the day before. Fished again the next morning for an hour and saw nothing. Stopped at the Exploits in the afternoon on the way back to St. John’s. Saw three jump and after 10 minutes fishing I hooked and lost a fish . Hopefully, the full moon and some rain will bring in the fish. IG

Hi guys….fished Exploit’s River last evening below Sanger Park. No fish seen. Report of one being hooked earlier in the evening at the same pool. Very slow start to the year. MH

Next door neighbour hooked four fish at Big Falls on the Upper Humber. He released two -one about 10 lb. Lots of fish hanging up – not too many going over the Falls. JP

Just six fish at the Torrent River fishway as of yesterday morning – KP

June 28

Fished Sunshine Pool on the Gander River June 27th for about two hours….water is low for this time of the year…..no fish seen. SLMR

It’s not only NL that is off to a slow start! New Brunswick: MIRAMICHI .. There is hope! Even though the arrival of the salmon and grilse are a bit late, there is optimism. If it were just the Miramichi system that had no great amount of fish yet, one could be worried. However, reports are that all of the rivers in the Gaspe’ are experiencing the same phenomena. People are saying the late ice in the Bering Strait is keeping the fish back, and that it is just a matter of time before the runs hit. There was slight improvement this week, but still nothing to rave about. Anglers are known to be a patient breed, so just abide a while longer and get all the outdoor chores done so you will be free once the fish do arrive. SP

And, slow in Iceland!

“Here in Iceland we have had an unusually slow start to the salmon season despite many of the rivers being opened at later dates than usual. It is thought that bad timing for the highest tides of June has conspired to make this the worst start to a salmon season for probably decades. Still, the signs are good that we will have the runs in sooner than later.
Usually we have a highest tide somewhere near the 22th to 26th of June and that has traditionally been a very important salmon tide with the first powerful grilse runs starting alongside the last running mws-salmon. This year the former highest tide in June was around the 15th which is to early for grilse in Iceland and the later one isn’t due until July the 1st, next Sunday that is.” – from 

June 27

Two persons report approximately 300 seals counted at the mouth of Grand Codroy RiverKP

Fished Salmonier River at Governors pool June 27…….saw 3 fish…..water is low. TP

Fished Cape Roger today june 26th, saw about a dozen fish, no luck, water really low. needs rain badly. RS

June 26

Fished the Gander Friday from 4th Pond Bar to Nut Brook, didn’t see a fish or anyone fishing. Poor sign of fish on the Terra Nova as well, saw only one jump on saturday and poor reports from everyone I talked to.

Fished with CF today and yesterday. We did the loop of Trepassey on Saturday and Salmonier today, Sunday. Water levels are too low on these rivers to expect anything in the way of runs of fish. OM

Exploits River – We have at least four fish here at the Salmon Centre and we have counted 73 through at Bishop’s falls…………… the lowest number for the past 15 years. We have the full moon on the 30th and hopefully things will improve. FP

June 25

Harry’s River – 100 fish gone through the Gallants fence but kelts still showing up. A few large fish among the new ones. Water conditions good. KP

Myself and a buddy fished the Humber River Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. On average, 50 anglers each day. In total I saw 10 fish hooked, all small. My buddy released one and I rose 4 in three days fishing. Sunday was the first sign of any big fish showing. Never saw many fish, not like it should be. Water level is good, and the temp is low/cold. Had rain Friday night, Saturday morning, small run of fish went through Saturday morning. But in general the fishing is slow and not many being hooked. ID

Fished the Torrent River on Friday June 22 – never saw a fish although the river is ideal for fishing. Went to Big East River till dark and nothing there either. Again, the river is good but the fishing is very poor. Not a fish to be seen. KN

Serpentine River – Talked to two guys who went from Serpentine Lake to the Falls on the river…No fish seen, even at the falls. KP

Another Big Falls report. Fished the Falls from Friday evening to this morning the 25th. Hooked 6 fish, all grilse 4 lbs or less. Saw probably dozen or so fish hooked per day. Water levels are perfect and temps ideal. Fish starting to back up from the Falls. More fish showing each day, but catch rates not a lot better. Should pick up through the week…still some big fish on the move. Saw at least a couple of big fish a day hooked. Still some less than ideal catch and release techniques…people playing fish WAY TOO LONG, especially the big ones! KP

June 24

Fished Island pool on the Upper Humber, I released one about 15 lbs, there was about 6 other fisherman there. Few fish showing them and the water is still high. JH

Fished the Gander friday from 4th Pond Bar to Nut Brook, didn’t see a fish or anyone fishing. Poor sign of fish on the Terra Nova as well, saw only one jump on saturday and poor reports from everyone I talked to. SW

Fished Salmonier Saturday morning and again this morning. We released one fish on Saturday and rose another this morning. Saw two fish both mornings. River in desparate need of rain. Still very few fish coming through. BA.

June 23

Small amount of fish in the Salmonier River – saw a couple hooked and released. JW

Fished Big Falls from 7 AM to 11:30 am a few fish jumping small grilse. About 40 to 50 fisherman on the river, only saw one fish hooked and landed small about 3 lbs. Spoke to a friend of mine , he was fishing from a boat by the falls all morning, never saw a fish hooked. Water falling fast. Someone said a big run of fish was seen on the lower Humber going through.I am going to Long Harbour River Tuesday, will report the conditions when I get back. WB

June 21

I was up to Salmonier River today. Checked from Butler’s to Murphy’s. Didn’t see a fish. The river is very low . Need a lot of rain soon. MW

Fished the Grand Codroy last night and today. Nothing last night, released a grilse first thing this morning, and rose a big one this afternoon. Not many fishermen or fish about, saw one other grilse hooked. It’s been very dry here and I’d say a fall of rain would bring the fish in. Overfalls had only a few fish visible- but one was huge, probably 30 lbs or so. Didn’t fish myself but the word was that despite quite a few people fishing, only a couple of grilse hooked today. DL


June 20

Just got in from a morning on the Grand Codroy, apparantly one grisle caught earlier in the morning but no fish hooked between 6 very experienced anglers when I was there. Yesterday I fished Crabbes in the morning, where I hooked 2, and lost both, and Robinsons for a bit in the evening, where I lost another. By all accounts, that’s fairly good. Fishing has been very slow in the Bay St. George rivers, with few fish seen or hooked. On Sunday evening I fished the Upper Humber above little falls- no fish seen and 7 anglers fishing hard on the pool. Perhaps things are starting to improve- there were definitely fish in the Grand Codroy and several were caught yesterday morning. Will be going back this evening… DL

Checked out Cape Roger River today. Didn’t bother to fish. not enough water. Saw one small grilse. Hardly enough water to cover it’s back.. RS

Fished Flat Bay River (Bay St. George)..Not a sign of a fish. JC

Fishing is poor all over. I returned with B Saint from the Humber on the 17th. Dismal to say the least. Reports have it there was a couple taken from Cape Roger. DS reports little on the Salmonier. We need rain. I read an alarming story in Trout And Salmon on global warming and salmon been thrown off their migratory and feeding paths. I hope this is not the case. OM

June 19

Went on a reconassaince mission to the Drill Hole (Upper Humber River) June 15, water still very high. Didn’t fish – just checked out the conditons. It will take another week for sure before water levels start to subside, barring any setbacks with regard to heavy rains. DS

Fished Seal Pool on Southwest Brook this morning, June 18th, for two hours, – never saw a fish, not even a parr or trout. Water low and very warm. If we don’t get any rain by the end of the month, the river will not be fishable or they will close it. I’ve fished this pool for over 30 years and have never seen it this bad. Talked to several anglers down by the TCH bridge and they said there is nothing coming in the river. This should be prime time at Southwest. WB

Fished Seal, Louie’s and last bridge on Southwest Brook, Bay St. George. Fish very scarce. Rose a fish twice at last bridge—only fish we saw all day. Spoke to fisheries guradians and they stated that this was a common complaint—few fish or a rise or two without taking. J.W.

Torrent River fishway opened yesterday…river still quite high according to B.M. A few fish through the Gallants trap on Harry’s. K.P.

June 18

On June 17 two of us fished Pocket Pool on the Codroy, Robinsons and Fischells and morning of the June 18 fished Crabbes. Water levels good, but no fish seen. DE

Fished Big Falls from Tuesday, June 12 to Saturday, June 16. Saw one fish jump on the 15th, no fish hooked by anyone. Fished Lomond River on June 14th, hooked and released a large salmon at Campbell’s Pool. 32″ and very chunky, estimated to be between 14-15 lbs. Saw no other fish. B.S.

Upper Humber River – Was at Little Falls yesterday, water still high. Another 4-6 days before it drops to fishable levels. Talked to two guys who were at Big Falls for the last five days, they only saw one fish. P.W.

Long Harbour River, Fortune Bay – After a disappointing trip to Long Harbour last week we made the journey again on Friday, June 15th, hoping the fishing would improve. We were shocked to see the river reduced to a mere trickle, comparable to August conditions. Water levels are the lowest we’ve ever seen and very warm. Four of us fished from Friday to Sunday and only managed one grilse. More disturbing than the lack of water and fish in the river is the lack of fish being sighted in the harbour. J.O.

June 17

Fished Codroy, Crabbes and Robinsons from June 13th to June 16th. Did not see one fish in Crabbes and Codroy.
The only fish I saw landed was a Salmon being taken out of a poachers net by a Fisheries Officer halfway between the bridge and the mouth on Robinsons River. I did see a couple of Salmon in salt water off Robinsons.

On todays iceberg report there are 100 icebergs in the Belle Isle Strait mostly between Cape Norman and Red Bay. A few are located as far west as St. Pauls River and Harrington Harbour. There are more than 200 on the east coast and still a huge area of pack ice off Labrador. I think it is safe to say that this is the problem. I.G.

Spent Saturday on the Burin Peninsula–fished Pipers Hole and Cape Roger.No fish, no water!!! Rivers are as low as I ever seen them for this time of year. Collectively we all need to pray for a substantive rainfall. J.P.

I fished Salmonier River Saturday June 16/07 from Governor’s to Pinsent’s back to Governors. Saw two fish but they were glued to the bottom. River is drying up. Need two days of rain, or at least one good dayI fished Samonier River Saturday June 16/07 from Governor’s to Pinsent’s back to Governor’s. Saw two fish but they were glued to the bottom. River is drying up. Need two days of rain, or at least one good day. KFC.

June 16

Fished Lomond River today. Saw 1 other person. Saw no fish. Fished Big Falls on the Humber last night. No fish, saw none. About 20 people fishing and none seeing any. G.R.

Fished Salmonier River on the Avalon from Pinsents to the Governors and not a sign – water is dropping fast and where are the fish? G.F

Hi guys,
Fished 1st Southwest Pond, Hare Bay in Zone 3 this morning. No Salmon yet but caught a great meal of sea trout. Moved on to Beaver Brook in Canada Bay. There are fish in the river. I lost a grilse and released a 31 inch salmon that I estimate to have been 12 lbs. Did not see another soul but counted 81 moosefrom St.Anthony to Roddickton…D.R.

June 15

Fished Crabbes, Robinsons, Middle Barachois and Codroy from June 9 till June 13. Saw one fish, no raises or hookups. Everyone wondering where the fish are. Came all the way from N.S. Got to know a lot of nice guys and had a great time in spite of poor fishing. Would like to see old rule regarding fishing 800 meters from highway without a guide reinstated.

I am going back to Newfoundland with my wife for a two week tour. I used to be able to fish for an hour in the evening at many of the parks. With the new rule this is impossible to do. I have no problem with getting a guide when fishing all day, but seems foolish for an hours fish in the evening.

June 13

Southwest Brook, Bay St. George – Fished Flat Pool this evening..not a sign of a salmon. Mosquitoes were as bad as we’ve ever seen them anywhere..absolutely VICIOUS!!! We practically ran up the trail to get out of it. Funny thing was, with all the insect activity there wasn’t a sign of parr, trout, or anything else showing to take the insects.

We went to the TCH and fished above and below the bridge. Talked to other anglers..Not-A-Sign of any fish and no one we spoke to saw any. Again…A hatch of Olive Duns or something similar was on for a couple of hours, plus black flies around, and not a sign of anything going after them. K.B. told me today he hooked one this morning below the TCH bridge at SW Brook…He may have hit a few fish coming in on the tide. Water is dropping quickly and it’s no trouble to cross the river. K.P.

June 12

Upper Humber. Fished Big Falls On June 6. No fish seen or hooked. I saw 2 other anglers. We all left within 2 hours. Hardly anyone in Sir Richard Squires park. Make sure you have a reservation made before you stay in the park this year (new rules). The water level was extremely high and a torrent. Two days later, June 8, it was even higher and wilder and still no fish. No repors of any from anyone. I left my trailer there and plan to go back in a week. Hopefully salmon then. G.R.

June 11

For the last couple of days I have been fishing the CBC River system – not one salmon to be seen. Some Anglers say that there are a lot of browns in the river but I have yet to see one. Water level is good but temp is warming up fast. Fish are expected to start running within the next week or so. Lot of trout in the river system and the yellow tailed brown bomber bug is producing well for me. Don’t think salmon will make their full run to spawning ground this year do to construction on a bridge on the TCH. R.H.


June 8-10

Long Harbour River, Fortune Bay – Five us of fished from Friday to Sunday, June 10th, and between us only 1 grilse was hooked. The water is very low and falling fast as a result of the warm temperatures thru the weekend. In addition, the water was very warm as well for this early in the season. On our way out, we spoke to several locals with cabins at the mouth of the river and very few salmon have been sighted jumping in the harbour. J.O.

June 9

Update on Grand Codroy….We spoke to one of the anglers who confirmed that some of the fish hooked at Grand Codroy were Slinks/Kelts.

Salmonier River – Fished Salmonier River on the Avalon – started at Pinsents and finished down at the Flats, no sign of salmon, water level is good, hooked 1 1/2 lb sea run brown . G.F

Forteau River, Labrador – “The river is in the woods.” C.B.

Big Falls, Upper Humber – Still high water but dropping and should be ideal in the next 10 days. K.P.

I fished the Robinson’s and Middle Barachois Rivers yesterday, Wed. June 6. Temperature on the Robinson’s is now 14 degrees and the M. Barschois is 11, I measured the M. Barachois on opening day, it was 7 at that time, water is warming up fast! W.P.

June 6

We just returned from a week in western Newfoundland (Bay St. George ) fished for four days – water a bit high but cold at 6 to 7 C . We did not see a single fish, only heard of a small number hooked overall , perhaps 10-12 fish covering about 25-30 fishermen ….F.W.

Fished Cape Roger River on the Burin Peninsula, June 6th, from Petite Forte road to salt water. No fish in river, and didn’t see any jumping in mouth of river. water level is a little low for this time of year.

June 3

I just got back from Big Falls and the water is still quite high and brown. Fished from the beach above Hospital Pool for about 45 minutes. No sign of fish or fisherman.D.P.


June 1 and 2

Southwest Brook – Fished Southwest Brook, Bay St. George, on June 2nd. Water level a little lower than average for this time of year, but very cold. Released one salmon around 8-10 lbs. Hooked two more, also larger fish. Both lightly hooked and gone after a short run. Two on a big Blue Charm and one on an unnamed silver and orange tube fly. Talked to a few other anglers. Not many fish seen on opening day, mostly near the tidal area. L.P.

Southwest Brook – Poor angling. Two fish hooked at Seal Pool. Four others down river. Salmon rose at The Steady on Bottom Brook. Generally slow. C.L.

Grand Codroy – Several fish released at Pocket Pool on South Branch ranging from 6-9 lb. One grilse retained. Good sign of salmon. Party of three fished regular pool on Crabbes up-river from TCH – No sign of fish. D.B

Fished 1st Southwest Pond on Southwest Brook in Zone 3 on opening day. Water levels are very high and extremely cold. Caught a couple real nice trout in the 2 pound range. Released 2 kelts. Very early opening for the rivers up here. It was so cold that I had to stop fishing a couple times to take the ice out of the eyelets on my rod. Can you believe that!!! Also spoke to a friend of mine who fished 2nd Southwest Pond and he reported releasing 4 kelts.

Went to have a look at Beaver Brook in Canada Bay as this is usually a very early river and the water levels there are totally unbelievable. I tried a couple of pools but it was obvious from the start that it was pointless as the river is the highest I have ever seen it…

I think that we will see the Salmon enter the rivers a little later than normal this year up here as there is still a lot of ice. There is still a lot of snow to melt up here yet as well so river levels should stay higher and cooler than normal hopefully into July this year. We actually had snow on the ground again this morning June 2nd. D.R.

June 1 – Opening day

– Fished Salmonier river this morning. Water levels were good but not a fish to be seen. Fished Governors, Pinsents, and the Flats. – B. A.

– Hooked and lost a 12 lb fish on Middle Barachois and a grilse at Robinson’s (both in Bay St. George). Saw other fish at Robinson’s. Water levels about 8″ above normal but good wading – if you can stand the cold. – W.P.