River Returns

Atlantic Salmon returns for Newfoundland and Labrador rivers are accessible by clicking on either the Small or Large. Each table is populated with data collected by DFO in conjunction with SPAWN and the ASF.

Latest Salmon returns to DFO fishways

PLEASE NOTE: This year we are not receiving separate large/small counts for some of the rivers. The underlined totals you see under 2007 – 2021 are combined large and small salmon totals. The figures for years prior to 2007 are separate on the “Small” and “Large” salmon pages. Add the two for the combined yearly total.

Note that the years prior to 2021 are the TOTAL counts for that year.

Small Salmon stats are from returns of Grilse ranging from 0 to 63 centimetres in length.
Large Salmon stats are from all Salmon > 63 centimetres in length.