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SPAWNER – A brief history

SPAWNER magazine started in 1979 from a suggestion made by founding SPAWN vice president Peter Daniels. Len Rich, founding SPAWN president was a reporter at the Western Star at that time and the only one of us with knowledge of publishing. He became the first editor of SPAWNER and held the job for 7 years. Here is a complete list of editors since inception:

Len Rich 1979 – 1985 inc.
Dave Tizzard 1986 – 1987 inc.
Ches Loughlin 1988 – 2014.
Keith Piercey 2015 – present

The first SPAWNER was in black and white. Only 1,000 copies were printed and were sold out. The magazine contained only 68 pages but was well written. Two stories from the original edition are featured in the 1999 SPAWNER.

The feature article 10 Deadly Salmon Fly Patterns in the first issue was very popular and the flies listed are now used in rivers everywhere. SPAWNER is now all colour and sells largely in Atlantic Canada, also worldwide.

Written by Anglers for Anglers. Dedicated to the sport of Salmonid angling, advocating fair play and conservation. Publication labour is all free of charge – proceeds go to Salmonid conservation. SPAWNER appreciates the stories, pictures, articles contributors provide free of charge and invites your participation. We seek old pictures and historical items, as well as fly patterns, humor, tips, serious items, news, etc. – any items promoting angling employment and understanding of the sport. We sincerely thank the advertisers for their support.

I enjoy the magazine very much. A few years ago I didn’t think you could better it, but it seems there is no stopping you, year after year… – Jim Forret, Rothesay, N.B.

I enjoy your magazine immensely – especially the salmon and trout fly patterns. – Eugene Utech (Penna Game Conservation Officer, Ret), Carlisle, PA, USA

Keep up the excellent work in Newfoundland in praise of “Leaping Silver”. – Richard Brunt, Bridgewater, NS

I have been a member of SPAWN for a few years now and needless to say it is one if not my most appreciated fishing magazines. There are not too many magazines that I have read more than 3 or 4 times, but this is one. Thank you and I hope you will continue publishing for many more years to come. – Paul LeBlanc

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