Speed Limit imperative on Lower Humber!

A delegation from SPAWN met last week with the Little Rapids Local Improvement District to give a presentation on Lower Humber PWC (Personal Water Craft)  Safety.  The emphasis  was on SAFETY for users, which includes, canoeists, rafters, swimmers, anglers and other boaters.  We presented a folder full of testimonials from persons who came close to being swamped or injured due to high speed PWCs  – Mainly the so-called Jet Boats).  The wake generated by those craft is huge and anyone in a small boat or in the water, is definitely in danger of being placed in a tense situation.

What we want to see is the imposition of a speed limit, say 15 mph.  Let me emphasize that we are NOT looking for a PWC ban.  All we want is protection for river users and that by God isn’t asking for anything unreasonable – that my friends is common sense!!  If those craft want to “open-up”, there’s 18 miles of Deer Lake water and the huge expanse of the Bay of Islands to speed on.

Lets have this in place before this season gets underway – for the SAFETY OF ALL USERS.