1994 Activities

Incubation Facility
SPAWN has agreed to cooperate with Fish Friends, and put an incubation unit in the elementary school in Stephenville Crossing. This cost us $800.

Counting Fences
During the past summer SPAWN gave $1000 to the Barachois Development Association to help them with the counting fence on Flat Bay Brook.
SPAWN also agreed to pay for the labour in the operation of the counting fence during the month of September 1994, on Pinchgut Brook, a tributary of Harry’s River at a cost of over $800.

Data Computation
SPAWN signed an agreement with C.E.I.C. for $4750 under the U.I. job creation strategy to hire a person to help the Science Branch of D.F.O. to do the following:
– Compile/computerize scientific data to be used in determining the Atlantic Salmon stock available for the recreational fishery. This data would be compiled on an individual river basis, using fishway data, counting fence and gonad counts from juvenile salmon, results in electro fishing assessments, and angling reports.

Annual Dinner
On September 30th, 1994, SPAWN held its annual dinner and auction and were successful in raising over $15,000, which will be used for office support, education, assessment, and enhancement activities for 1995.

SPAWN Monitor Program
SPAWN will be participating in the River Monitor Program this year as it has in the past. This is a very useful activity which helps keep angling statistics and curb poaching.

Technical Equipment
Over the past number of years SPAWN has purchased scientific equipment to be used in stock assessment. It includes electro fishers and scientific meters used for collecting data. Over the past summer, most of this equipment was loanded, free of charge to such groups as:
– The Bonne Bay Development Association
– The Corner Brook Stream Restoration Committee and D.F.O.
The loan of our equipment saved these groups a lot of money and time, and we were glad to cooperate.

SPAWNER magazine
During the past year SPAWN produced the 16th annual edition of SPAWNER magazine, which is read by thousands of people worldwide as well as SPAWN’s own nearly 1,000 members. It should be noted that SPAWNER is part of the membership package for most of the major Atlantic Salmon conservation groups in this province.