2008 Activities

Sign on Humber

29 Years of Conversation


In 2008 we had a banner year of salmon returns, subsequently at the general meeting members voted to continue efforts to improve salmon stocks through conservation initiatives. One of those was to promote proper release and handling of fish and to ask for tougher regulations pertaining to this. A school membership was introduced so students in K-12 can have access to the magazine, newsletters and presentations by the introduction of a $5 student membership fee in Newfoundland and Labrador schools.

SPAWN that year tried to make it salmon angling attractive to school children–we have placed SPAWNER in all 400 school libraries in the province. Amongst the changes are photos to try and get kids interested in outdoor photography, and simplified flytying to see if there is interest there.

A new Powerpoint Presentation for school and group presentations was developed. We feel this educational tool will bring important information to many people on the salmon life cycle….Watch for it!

In connection with this, we wish to thank the Bureau of Sea Run Fisheries and Habitat in Maine for sharing their own PowerPoint presentation so we can adapt it to this area. Audiences will see actual video of all the life development from spawning to the next adult stage. The underwater videos are amazing to watch.

SPAWN re-introduced its “Don’t be mean – Keep it clean” initiative from the early 70’s in an effort to promote a clean environment near watersheds. Part of this included an award to participating youth groups for clean-up efforts. The award, to be known as “The Harvey Bishop Award”, will be presented yearly in memory of the person who coined the original slogan and led an effort to promote it.

I n addition to this years activites we’ll also be involved with the Magic On the Rivers program where high school students will learn about casting, fly tying, in-stream ecology, and, perhaps the highlight will be to actually be taken angling on Bay St. George rivers. In fact, one of the students – a young lady fishing for the first time, hooked a silver beauty at the Sea Pool on Southwest Brook! What a great way to start. The program is sponsored by ASF, SPAWN, and Investors Group.

As an affiliate of the SCNL (Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador) we’ll provide input that’s used to help develop future Salmon Management Plans. We’ll work cooperatively with other affiliates around the province and continue to support ASF (Atlantic Salmon Federation) as an affiliate. We also liaise in an ongoing manner with both levels of Government.

Our Newsletters, website and magazine will continue to provide members with updates on the salmon scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.