2012 Activities


2012 – Keeping the momentum going!



2011 was a great year for salmon and a great year for our members. We had a surge in membership thanks to our members only webpage section and the realization from anglers all over that we at SPAWN care, make a difference and continue to improve year after year.

This year our waders are on and were busy with:

– Our annual auction in April
– Participate in workshops
– Produce our annual SPAWNER magazine
– Keep surfers upto date with our river reports and anglers voice sections
– Issue our newsletters
– Participate in the planning process for Salmon Management Zones and other DFO matters
– Have summer students working on Harry’s River assessment and the fourth year of assessment on the Corner Brook Stream
– Respond to numerous requests for information
– Attend and participate in SCNL meetings in the fall


As an affiliate of the SCNL (Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador) we’ll provide input that’s used to help develop future Salmon Management Plans. We’ll work cooperatively with other affiliates around the province and continue to support ASF (Atlantic Salmon Federation) as an affiliate. We also liaise in an ongoing manner with both levels of Government.

Our Newsletters, website and magazine will continue to provide members with updates on the salmon scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.