2013 Activities


Corner Brook Stream Clean Up


On June 13th SPAWN board members Keith Piercey and Mitch Blanchard cleaned up the last of the junk caught in the counting trap below the Glynmill Pond on the Corner Brook Stream, Corner Brook, NL. This is the fifth year of counting salmonids that will eventually designate the stream with a river classification and a scheduled river status. SPAWN has been one of the partners in bringing life back to the stream and as you can read below help run the trap by hiring local students.

The last clean-up paved the way because today it only required removal of a few logs and branches blocking the in and out trap gates. Mitch is about to pass up the last of the junk.

And finally…our acrobatic board member takes out one of the branches across a lower fishway chamber gate! Well done Mitch.



2013 – Year One of the “Great” Grand Lake Restoration!


One of the largest watersheds in the Province, the Grand Lake Watershed, once had prolific runs of Atlantic salmon. With the construction of dams on Grand Lake, in 1925, access to the spawning grounds was cut off for returning wild salmon. SPANW wants to do something about this enviromental tragedy by re-providing access to the over 600,000 hectare piece of property.

To do this we have applied for funding from the ASCF fund (Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation) and with the concurrance and support of the freshwater fish research division of the province we hope to begin the first phase of collecting up to 1,000 biological samples from the landlocked salmon of Grand lake and Atlantic salmon from the many tributaries of the Humber River.

The project will determine where the most suitable salmon DNA can be found in the Humber system. Each year hundreds of salmon gather at the tailrace of the Deer Lake Powerhouse. Could it be that these are fish which maintain a genetic connection to the waters of Grand Lake or are they there primarily because of the highly oxygenated water? We want to find out! Perhaps these will be our missing link?

This will be a two year project and if all the parts fall in place it could eventually lead to the greatest salmon restoration project this province has ever seen. We realize that to make this possible will take huge amounts of funding to provide access to the watershed, but we won’t let that deter us.

Let’s get stage one completed first and once we establish the stock/DNA connection we can plan the next step. We’ll keep you informed as this moves along.

We have applied for summer students for Harry’s River DIDSON operation and the Corner Brook Stream assessment project. The latter will be the final assessment year of the five years needed to confirm River Classification and what will become of the fish that are excess to spawning requirements.

In conjunction with this we are also partnering with another project under a Youth Initiatives project which will see a kiosk placed in the trap area on the Corner Brook Stream Trail. Students will provide information on the project, Salmon life cycle, distribute literature, provide opportunity for viewing of fish in the trap and participate in maintenance.


As an affiliate of the SCNL (Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador) we’ll provide input that’s used to help develop future Salmon Management Plans. We’ll work cooperatively with other affiliates around the province and continue to support ASF (Atlantic Salmon Federation) as an affiliate. We also liaise in an ongoing manner with both levels of Government.

Our Newsletters, website and magazine will continue to provide members with updates on the salmon scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.