2014 Activities

2014 – Year Two of the “Great” Grand Lake Restoration!

2014 will be another year for our Grand Lake restoration project. This is a multi year adventure, see 2013 activites page for more info.

We have been awarded a Service Canada Grant for three university/post secondary students. A conversation with the salmon technician at DFO Corner Brook has confirmed that they will operate two traps on Harry’s River this year. One will be at the site near Stephenville Crossing (two students will work at the DIDSON site there) and the other at Gallant’s on Upper Harry’s. The upper site will be used to collect specimens and data for the Science Branch. SPAWN will operate the fishway at Corner Brook Stream. It’s always interesting to see if the fish survived flooding, muddy waters etc. The first thing that has to be done is a complete cleanout of the area. Last year we counted 26 Kelts above the fishway.

This spring we held our annual auction. Even without a major trip in this year’s offerings, we almost reached last year’s income level.

One thing about the auction, just about everyone goes home with a bargain. How about a LOOP wide arbor reel for just $175!

We owe a very special thanks to our sponsor for without you we would never be able to do what we do! Your donations of funding and in-kind items is what made the auction work!

Our annual awards were handed out with the Harvey Bishop Environment Award going to the towns of Appleton/Glenwood for their introduction of a sewerage treatment system using no electricity or chemicals. By the time the water reaches the Gander River it’s clean! The system uses wetlands and natural filtering. It works so well that other towns are planning to introduce it. SPAWN will also supply the towns with “Don’t Be Mean – Keep It Clean Signage”.

The Ches Loughlin Conservation Award was presented to Liberal MHA Jim Bennett for his untiring fight to have
marine aquaculture move to land-based operations. Jim felt the diseases, sea lice and the chemicals used in marine aquaculture do little for the environment. We agree and support his efforts.

The Biller George Most Sportsman-like Angler Award was given to Kent Green who takes time to help anglers by showing them the Pinware River Pools, how to fish them, providing flies etc. This year he’s even installing steps to “The Boulders” to make it easier for anglers to get there.

Members will see improvement to our members site this year with an addition of a members only forum and the availability of e-spawner for you to read on the river so your prized paper coopy doesn’t get wet.

SPAWNER 2014 is the best yet.. Buy a copy today!


L-R: SPAWN pres. Keith Cormier…. MHA Jim Bennett, Awards Chair Bob Mercer

As an affiliate of the SCNL (Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador) we’ll provide input that’s used to help develop future Salmon Management Plans. We’ll work cooperatively with other affiliates around the province and continue to support ASF (Atlantic Salmon Federation) as an affiliate. We also liaise in an ongoing manner with both levels of Government.

Our Newsletters, website and magazine will continue to provide members with updates on the salmon scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.