2016 Activities

Summer projects this year include:

  • – Applied for funding from ASCF to carry out habitat rejuvenation work on Hughes Brook
  • – Applied for funding to conduct assessment at Harry’s River and Corner Brook Stream
  • – Continue to promote Catch and Release and respect the rights of those who wish to retain
  • – Support the enforcement initiatives of FWED, DFO and Aboriginal Guardians
  • – Obstruction clean-up at Hughes Brook in the Bay of Islands to provide easier access to the spawning beds
  • – Summer students working at the DIDSON operation on Lower Harry’s River where up-stream migration will be monitored.
  • – Operation of the Corner Brook Stream trap
  • – We plan to run the Turn-in-your-tags program again, with improvements. The plan this season is to have drop-off points around the province where you can take your tags instead of having to mail them to us. SAEN (Salmon Assoc. of Eastern New-foundland) has already jumped on board with this and lined up dealers in the St, John’s area. Details on this initiative will be sent as we finalize plans.

As an affiliate of the SCNL (Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador) we’ll provide input that’s used to help develop future Salmon Management Plans. We’ll work cooperatively with other affiliates around the province and continue to support ASF (Atlantic Salmon Federation) as an affiliate. We also liaise in an ongoing manner with both levels of Government.

Our Newsletters, website and magazine will continue to provide members with updates on the salmon scene in Newfoundland and Labrador.