2018 Corner Brook stream videos – Here


To the journey’s end:
Here is a well documented video on YouTube about the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon – It is a narrated by David Attenborough.  The setting is Scotland – The salmon’s journey and the perils it faces along the way are well documnented from birth, to the feeding ground in the Greenland Sea, and back to it’s natal river.

Watch some “hogs” coming through some heavy water!  

Det klättras 💪🏼

Posted by Patrik Bjurenstål on Saturday, June 16, 2018

From RIO.. Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland 2017

Salmon on Scotland’s River Dee… A beauty of a fight!

This video about the life of the famous lady fly dresser Megan Boyd was just released for public access!

Salmon in the Corner Brook Stream fishway.

In this video the salmon are lying just above the fishway at Margaret Bowater Park dam.

A few salmon in the trap at Glynmill Pond dam.  “Home again after a long swim from the Greenland Sea”.