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Call in your tips to Crimestoppers1-800-222 TIPS (8477)


The Dept. of Justice, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division (FWED), now has a toll free Poaching Hotline.

Call the FWED at 1-877-820-0999 to Report Poachers 24 hours a day.


Let’s hook the poachers!


Corner Brook stream clean up

Corner Brook stream fishway clean up this Saturday at 10 am. Meet at the dam gates along the walking trail. Bring waders, rakes, buckets, etc. Everyone is welcome. Time to get the kelts moving out to sea.

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New study show 50% reduction in salmon runs due to salmon farm lice


Hot off the presses of the international Journal Of Aquaculture Environment Interactions comes a study that analyzed nearly 30 years of data to show that salmon farm open net pen amplified sea lice cause a dramatic decline in nearby wild salmon numbers. The science on this is now overwhelming (100s of peer reviewed papers). It […]

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Researchers discover size gene for salmon


The size of returning Atlantic salmon is largely dependent on the number of years that the salmon remains at sea before returning to spawn in the river. The genetic basis of this trait has not been previously known, making the management of the impact of fishing difficult. In many Atlantic salmon populations, the sea-age at […]

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Newfoundland and Labrador ​Coalition for Aquaculture Reform


Newfoundland and Labrador ​Coalition for Aquaculture Reform Coalition for Aquaculture Reform (NL-CAR) has formed to give a stronger, unified voice to concerns about the environmental and social impacts of marine net pen salmon farms. The coalition is open to members primarily from NL, but will also welcome and support interested groups and individuals from elsewhere. […]

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2017 Auction

The annual SPAWN auction is set to go ahead at Marble Mountain Lodge, Steady Brook NL on May 13th. $5 cover. Up for auction is a six day trip on Flowers River, Labrador, for 2 rods. It includes Air transportation from Goose Bay to the Flowers River Lodge and return, accommodations, meals, a guide and […]

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R.I.P. Parks and Wildlife Divisions


Recent provincial government restructuring included the destruction of Parks and Natural Areas Division and the dismantling of Wildlife Division. http://theindependent.ca/2017/03/02/r-i-p-parks-and-wildlife-divisions/

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Evaluation of Habitat Expansion Outcomes on Upper Terra Nova River, 2016

In 2016 FABEC was again successful in obtaining assistance to monitor fishway performance and salmon returns at Mollyguajeck Falls on Terra Nova River, following up on a similar project in 2015. Terra Nova 2016

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1979, 1980, 1982, 1988 digital SPAWNERS for sale

We added a couple more out of print & hard to find SPAWNERS for $5 a download. These are collectors editions and have some great photos, flies and stories from days gone by. Store

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Outrage over secret plans to base world’s biggest salmon farm in Scotland

The global headlines for the open net pen method scream one thing. DO NOT INVEST. “The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has been privately considering proposals for a 6,000-8,000 tonne caged fish farm that its own expert says would be “utterly unsustainable”, threaten Sepa’s credibility, and profit the fish farm industry to the tune of […]

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We have a .pdf electronic version of the 2016 SPAWNER for $5, instant download. Find it in our store.

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Number of Serious Fish-Related Offences Significantly Increase in 2016

While the overall number of fish-related violations in 2016 was comparable to 2015, there was a significant increase in the more serious offences. Particularly concerning for the province’s Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division is the dramatic increase in the types of offences which have the most detrimental impact on salmon populations. This summer, one file […]

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SPAWN responds to a Placentia Bay Aquaculture letter.

 Our president John McCarthy responded earlier this summer to a pro aquaculture letter that was published in the Evening Telegram . ————– I write in response to a letter written by Leon Fiander from Marystown. Our group (SPAWN) has met with; Minister Perry Trimper and Provincial officials; Mark Lane and officials of the Aquaculture Industry […]

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Provincial Gov. to kill 18 more salmon rivers on South Coast

The Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador At recent consultation meetings in Grand Falls-Windsor the Provincial Government presented their Vision 2018 for Aquaculture. Their plan is to double salmonid caged fin fish aquaculture production in the next five years, and to expand east and west of Bay d’ Espoir; from Placentia Bay to Burgeo. We […]

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Membership renewals

Hundres of SPAWN members have exclusive access to the River Reports, Fly patterns, videos, NL Salmon history articles of our website..  They also get the 2017 SPAWNER magazine, two newsletters (minimum) per year and email updates on salmon news as it happens. For just $25 a new member will get all of the above plus […]

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Catch and Release – Still has its detractors!

by Ches Loughlin Almost 25 years ago in 1984, DFO introduced the two-grilse limit. I was president of SPAWN at the time and presided over the largest annual meeting we ever had. It was held at the Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook and was called to advise members and other anglers of what […]

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Only 7% of anglers sending returns!

Dr. Geoff Veniott of DFO’s Science Branch gave a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of Angler returns in helping develop management plans.  As It turns out, only 7% of the anglers purchasing some 15,000 licenses are sending in the stubs and this is costing Govt. thousands of extra dollars.  The extra cost is related to […]

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Write your MHA about Aquaculture!!

This form letter is mainly for NL residents, however if you feel strongly enough about what marine salmonid aquaculture is doing to our wild salmon then by all means speak out!  There’s a link below so you can get your area MHAs contact information ( email address, snail mail address, phone, fax etc.) MHA contacts

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SPAWN decided at the recent board meeting to go ahead with a 2017 SPAWNER Magazine. If you have a story and photos to share please send them along to us at salmo@bellaliant.net We’d like to get the material as soon as possible because it means we can publish earlier, once everything is in. This is […]

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Placentia Bay Ice Conditions

The proposed Placentia bay aquaculture project is suppose to use netting and gear that is ice proof, however the designer of the equipment says it’s never been tested for our ice conditions. Here is what a long time resident of Placentia Bay has to say about ice. As we have proof now that farmed fish […]

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Aquaculture’s real revolution is on land

The same kind of enthusiasm and optimism expressed in a recent commentary by the executive director of the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association for the promise of industrial aquaculture to feed the hungry of the world was heard decades earlier during the Green Revolution in agriculture.   Prompted by a series of famines in the 1940s […]

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Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador calls for Minister’s resignation

News Release Grieg Aquaculture Decision July 26, 2016   Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador calls for Minister’s resignation.   The Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (SCNL) is appalled by the cowardly and inexplicable decision by Honourable Perry Trimper, Minister of Environment and Conservation by releasing the Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Project by […]

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“I’ll have a lb of salmon and hold-the-lice-please!”

SPAWN asked the question – “How many sea-lice can kill a salmon smolt?”….The answers are scary!!!! A study in Norway (in a lab) found 7 to be fatal almost immediately. No studies have been done that I know of in the wild but obviously it would be far far less even if it took some […]

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2016 SPAWNER Magazine

It’s 72 pages packed with photos, stories, action and fly patterns from all over Newfoundland and Labrador and there’s not even a white lie in the whole thing! 2016 SPAWNER Magazines are available here: NOVA SCOTIA: Fishing Fever – Halifax;  Atlantic News – Halifax;  Margaree Salmon Centre – Margaree NEW BRUNSWICK: Escape Anglers –  Riverview;  […]

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Ministerial Salmon Advisory Committee Presentation

The attached file was presented to the Ministerial Salmon Advisory Committee in St. John’s NL by Board Director Keith Cormier and explains our position and vision for present and future management of Atlantic salmon in this Province. Presentation

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Aquaculture Research: Tracking released farmed salmon

This video features Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) scientist Dr. Dounia Hamoutene and her research team as they conduct research under DFO’s Program for Aquaculture Regulatory Research (PARR) as part of a 3-year study to track experimentally released farmed salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador to study where they go and what they do. This research […]

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Atlantic Salmon Sampling This Summer in Labrador

The OKâlaKatiget Society in Nain, posted an interesting audio interview conducted with DFO and other representatives regarding the sampling of summer Atlantic Salmon caught in the Labrador fishery. Listen

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Didson counter on Harry’s

Office manager Keith Piercey visited the Didson installation today @ Harry’s river. The DIDSON installation is going well and DFO expects the first scans to be available this evening.  Work is going well at the site despite the high water.  Today required weights and security to ensure the guys in the wet suits weren’t swept […]

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One year anniversary for Kuterra land based Atlantic Salmon aquaculture

Late in 2014 we posted an interview by CBC Fisheries Broadcast on the Kuterra aquaculture project based in B.C. (see below) CBC has followed up with Kuterra on their one year anniversary. Listen!

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An opinion piece and letter to the Telegram editor

Two very interesting articles from the Evening Telegram in St. John’s. Save our Salmon – Paul Smith Straight Talk on Salmon – ASF NL Rep Don Ivany

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Conche & BSG poachers get jail time!

Great news on the poaching front! JAIL for a resident of Conche and Stephenville. This is something SPAWN has been asking for, especially jail time in the summer when the Salmon can be protected the most. Convictions

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We’re now tweeting @SPAWNSalar. Follow us and watch our website for the latest Salmon news.

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SPAWN President speaks to changes in the Maritimes

On April 8th, 2015 SPAWN acting President John McCarthy spoke to CBC regarding the possible implications to the NL recreational Salmon fishery that are as a result of the newly announced closure of retention of Atlantic Salmon in the entire Maritimes. The interview was broadcast on CBC’s Fisheries Broadcast. Click here to hear the entire […]

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2013 Stock Assessment & Briefing Report

The Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador would like to bring to your attention the following documents concerning the status of NL salmonid stocks. 1. Stock Assessment of Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Salmon- 2009; pages 16,17,18. 2. Briefing information relative to ASAC; pages16,17  These reports show that Salmon stocks in Eastern Canada have been decreasing […]

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People fighting the loss of our salmon

Over 120 prominent signatories from Canada’s business, science, fisheries, legal, etc communities released an open letter to say proposed changes to Fisheries Act will lead to the discharge of powerful pesticides and other potentially damaging substances into the aquatic ecosystem, significantly reduce government regulatory oversight, and damage Canada’s commercial interests as a provider of untainted […]

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Salmon in the CB stream trap

Here is a clip from the Corner Brook stream trap – July 13th, 2012.

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Rattling Brook

So we know you have read about the Rattling Brook restoration project in past SPANWER’s. We found this video on Vimeo and wanted to share it with you. Well done!   2013 Rattling Brook Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project from Cody Wambolt on Vimeo.

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Enforcement Letter of Concern

We sent this letter to Minister Vaughn Granter this week. Its based on the valid concern for the stocks as due to the recent drop in oil prices the province of NL is going into deficit and everything is game for cuts. We hope that enforcement is not something that will be affected.  Below is […]

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BC Company Brings First Land-raised Salmon to Market

Beginning at 16:03 min. of the NL Fisheries Broadcast is an interview from a NL perspective with the manager of the KUTERRA project, describing the bringing to market of these land-based salmon. ««Listen Here»»

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Atlantic Salmon Can be Farmed on Land

Growing on land, in ultra-clean tank environments, the problems of parasites and disease virtually eliminate the need for antibiotics and other interventions. ««Read More»»

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Land-based salmon farming is here – with no escaping or diseased fish affecting wild salmon runs

This week ASF hosted an international conference bringing together nearly 90 experts on land-based closed containment aquaculture. With so much detail available, 18 separate blog posts were written, and can be browsed for specific topics. The latest blogs are at the top of the first page. «« Explore the posts»»

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Today we sent out a press release advocating for the removal of open water fish farming in NL. Already we’re getting positive feedback! «« Read More»»

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Numbers show aquaculture is harming salmon rivers.

Letter to the editor of the Telegram in St. John’s, NL. «« Read More»»

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We Need Aquacultural Leadership For All

SPAWN member Paul White wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper Telegram. «« Read More»»

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Book for sale!

We are happy to announce that we have 99 copies of Don Hustins’ new book River of Dreams about Fly-Fishing and Conservation of Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador is now available for purchase through our site using paypal. See our new menu item “Books” to the left or click below. Our discounted price to […]

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Atlantic Salmon Stock Status in Eastern Canada

Attached is some excellent information on salmon stock status in eastern NA, including Labrador, as prepared by the Atlantic Salmon Advisory Council. if you like facts and figures this has all you could wish for! «« Read More»»

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Speed Limit imperative on Lower Humber!

A delegation from SPAWN met last week with the Little Rapids Local Improvement District to give a presentation on Lower Humber PWC (Personal Water Craft)  Safety.  The emphasis  was on SAFETY for users, which includes, canoeists, rafters, swimmers, anglers and other boaters.  We presented a folder full of testimonials from persons who came close to […]

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Big Bust in Conche

Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers Make Arrest Related to Illegal Salmon Netting. Through effective surveillance operations, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement officers are continuing to keep provincial inland fish stocks safe from poachers. A team of officers initiated an investigation following complaints from the general public of commercialized salmon poaching in the Conche area of the […]

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Monitoring Migration

St. Anthony-based Save Our Char Committee announces migration study on rare Arctic char. << Read More >>

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ASF Joint Press Release

Attached for your information is a joint press release issued by ASF and several other NGO’s responding to the recently released report by Canada’s Standing Committee on the subject of closed containment aquaculture. << Read More >>

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Recently approved sea lice control chemical bad news!

SPAWN is opposing all sea-based aquaculture of Salmonid species in the Province! We have researched chemicals presently used to control sea lice, like “SLICE” and the recently approved poison “Salmosan”. Salmosan will be in use shortly by the aquaculture industry to control Sea lice infestation in the Bay D’Espoir area. We are very concerned regarding […]

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DIDSON units prove their worth on the Eagle River

This year DFO NL Salmon scientist Dave Redden did in-river testing of DIDSON recording units. The DIDSON can record accurate migration information on many species, in this case it was Atlantic salmon. These units are about the size of an average suitcase, they require little power and the data can be uploaded for analysis. DIDSON […]

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One Dam Removal A Year – CBP & P and SPAWN to make it happen

In “the old days” when pulpwood was floated down rivers many of the tributaries had dams built on them to control water levels. At a recent meeting SPAWN held with officials of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper (CBP & P) they agreed to examine removal of wooden dams no longer needed. (floating wood down rivers […]

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Buffer Zones To Increase

Concerned that cutting operations in the CBP & Paper five-year plans would affect spawning areas, SPAWN has met with their Woodlands Division several times since February. The result was that we were supplied with cutting maps that gave us an opportunity to identify critical areas. Using the results of three years of Redd surveys, which […]

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“Operation Click” Poacher given $3,750 in fines and kisses truck goodbye!

Paul William Russell of St. Jude’s NL learned it really doesn’t pay to poach! Russell plead guilty to several Provincial offences, including possession of untagged salmon and not tagging a salmon. Mr. Russell was apprehended by IFEP officers during the takedown of Operation “Click” on August 22, 2008. Operation “Click” was a 15 month investigation […]

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Trout research and management should be 100% Provincial controlled

To SPAWN it makes perfect sense that the Department conducting the research and providing the funding for it should be managing our trout stocks. In this case we are talking about the Provincial Dept. of Environment and Conservation, which employs biologists dedicated to inland fisheries research. SPAWN feels that given Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s inland […]

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